Seahawks on the Money Line?
Written by Julian Dread.

Find the Money in Super Bowl XL

Money line bets on the Super Bowl are not always a sure thing but they can pay off better than spread betting when wagering on the dogs.

Majority of strip books listing the following money line on Super Bowl XL:

Seattle Seahawks
+ 4 -110 Ov 46.5 -110

Pittsburgh Steelers
- 4 -110 Un 46.5 -110

With your typical spread betting (here the spread is Pittsburgh -4), the team you bet on must be able to cover the posted number. In this case if you were to bet on Pittsburgh, they would need to win by 4 1/2 or more points. With a wager on Seattle (the underdog at +4 in this game), they can either win outright or lose by 3 1/2 points or less in order for YOUR wager to come out a winner.

With money lines, we do not look at who covers. A team must simply win outright, whether it be the favorite or the dog. However, money line bets will often be skewed so that the risk is much bigger than the award when betting on a favorite. In the case above, one would have to wager $185 to win $100 betting on the Pittsburgh Steelers to win Super Bowl XL.

Money lines are the norm with Major League Baseball. Some gamblers are known to place bets on the Yankees much of the season as favorites, however, it is not unusual to find the Yankees or other solid teams with money lines of -350 or higher, meaning you would be risking $350 to win $100 on what should be a sure thing.

But there is no such thing as a SURE THING when it comes to sports betting and this is why money lines can really pay off when betting on red hot underdogs. The Seattle Seahawks in fact could be considered a live dog with odds of +165. If you really believe the Seahawks have a shot to win Super Bowl XL outright, then $100 will pay $165. $1000 bet will pay $1650!!!

A relatively new wagering system with several offshore books is that they feature a reduced vig concept where one only has to bet $107 to win $100 on a favorite as opposed to the typical $110 to win $100 offered at most books. This is known as "Lay -107".

The payout odds are in your favor on the money line, and I typically promote taking a close peak at anything under 4 points. Anything over 4 points, you need to lay on the point spread.

Last updated on February 03, 2006.

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