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Kevin Durant Coming Out Party
Do you know who is the leading scorer in the NBA since the calendar flipped to 2009?† LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade? Good choices all, but the man, make that man-child, putting up the most point since January 1st is 20 year-old - 01/06/2010
NFC Championship: Cowboys or Eagles
After four months of football the NFC East is still not decided. Just like last year, the battle for the division comes down to one final game. This time the Dallas Cowboys will host the Philadelphia Eagles for a chance to take home the division crown. - 01/05/2010
Dallas vs. New Orleans
If the Dallas Cowboys thought they had their hands full with the San Diego Chargers and New York Giants offenses the last two weeks, they won't know what to do with themselves when they enter the Superdome on Saturday night. - 12/18/2009
SEC Prepare for Instant Classic
The poor Texas Longhorns. Everyone seems to forget about them. Maybe it is their unimaginative offense or the fact that the Texas A&M Aggies put up an obscene number of points against them on Thanksgiving. Whatever, the case, people around the country are talking about the SEC Championship - 12/04/2009
LSU vs. Alabama
Sure, Florida and Alabama both have big rivalry games to end their seasons later in the month. And theres an outside chance Florida State or Auburn could step it up and spoil the season of one of the countrys top teams. Theres also a chance Bobby Bowden will retire. But lets not hold our breath. - 11/08/2009
Border War Round Two for Texas

The game that shows they can beat a highly ranked team. The game that could give McCoy favorite status in the Heisman race. The game that gives them a chance to run the table in the Big XII. The game that sets them up to make a run at the national championship. This is the game. If they win, they are on a fast track to all of those things; if they repeat their trip to Lubbock, Texas,

- 10/30/2009
Broncos vs. Patriots
The Denver Broncos just cant seem to get any love. After starting 4-0, the Broncos are still underdogs going into their match-up with fellow AFC-leading New England Patriots. When you think of Broncos and Patriots, the first thing that comes to your mind is offense. - 10/10/2009
Shootout in Arizona -Colts vs. Cardinals
With quarterbacks who have played in two of the last three Super Bowls, that was likely the case for the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals, teams that started the year not looking quite as sharp as many expected. - 09/26/2009
Texas Tech vs. Texas
Revenge is a dish best served cold. In college football, it is pretty much the only way the dish can be served, unless somehow you get to play the team that beat you in a conference championship game, like the Ohio State Buckeyes did against oh, yea, the Big Ten doesnt have a conference title game. I digress. - 09/18/2009
Virginia Tech v. Alabama

Even with all of the years having a Vick at quarterback, the Virginia Tech Hokies have never started a season ranked as high as their number seven spot this year. They should savor the pre-season flavor, because all of that is likely to come to an end Saturday night in Atlanta, as Alabama returns to the Georgia Dome for opening night, - 09/05/2009
Eagles Sign Vick, But Why?
For the past few weeks, several teams names had been bandied about when it came to possible destinations for Michael Vick. A week ago, it seemed like the New England Patriots may be the frontrunners. The team is already successful, has a solid group of core veteran players, an undoubted starting quarterback and a long-standing and respected coach. - 08/15/2009
2009 NBA Summer Trades

So many teams spent the past year shuffling their rosters, dumping toxic salaries from the past years seemingly with an interest in getting ready for the massive free agent class of 2010. We all figured that meant the 2009 free agent class would be a little less than thrilling and that the dog days of the NBA summer

- 08/10/2009
Jay Cutler is a Cry Baby

Maybe Jay Cutler has a Fathead of Brett Favre on his wall. Maybe he is a spoiled good olí boy who was treated like a golden god at his alma matter of Vanderbilt. Maybe he is just a product of the me-first generation of players.

- 03/03/2009
Super Bowl XLIII

The prevailing wisdom in the NFL, as pimped over and over by writer Bill Simmons, is that the one team who does its one best thing better than anyone else does anything is the team that will win the Super Bowl.

- 01/31/2009
Fight for Conference Bragging Rights
The BCS Championship game tonight features two coaches seeking their second titles of the 21st century. It showcases the last two Heisman Trophy winners and carries with it the subplot of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops trying to regain the title of "Big Game Bob," and not in a sarcastic sense.† - 01/08/2009
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