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NBA Technical Foul
For the past two decades, David Stern has run his league with an iron fist. He has protected the image of the league, its players and officials to a degree unheard of by any commissioner. But in the wake of the news of one of the more shocking, and ongoing, scandals in recent sports history, the Commish seems at a loss. - 07/27/2007
Barry Bonds Once Again
Barry Bonds is working hard this All-Star break. But not on his home run swing or signing autographs. As he reaches the most hallowed record in all of sports, Bonds is amping up his usual spin control, refusing to understand why anyone would question the future King of the Long Ball. - 07/11/2007
Behind the Plate Numbers
There are several factors that go into handicapping MLB matchups. Some obvious things that Sharps look at are pitching matchups (how teams perform against lefties), bullpen efficiency, runner's left on base, winning and losing streaks, home and road dichotomies. But some of my most critical information all depends on who is working the game that night. What study the umpires?  You bet. Umpire tendencies and tight or large strike zones is one of the best kept secrets handicapping. - 06/26/2007
Bases Best Bet
To this day it amazes me just how many sports bettors pass on baseball for football and basketball to place their wagering dollars on. I say shame on you for doing so, but I’ll take the money anyway, the rest of you wait till football rolls around again! - 01/15/2007
BCS Busters
It's almost that time of year! Shortly, the weekly BCS (Bowl Championship Series) polls will begin to appear, and the countdown will start to December 5, when the final rankings will determine which teams will head to the Orange Bowl for the BCS championship game, and which others will be eligible for the other three (Rose, Sugar, Fiesta) featured games. - 01/15/2007
Betting on Weather
Large amounts of money are lost each season by sports bettors who do not fully understand how to account for weather in their sports handicapping. Extreme weather presents the player with two types of profitable opportunities. - 01/15/2007
Capping Tournament Play
Handicapping the NCAA tournament isn’t an easy thing, of course. Everyone’s done the office pool, picked the wrong 12 over the 5, taken them to the Sweet 16, and gotten crushed in the bargain. When the NCAA’s roll around, we’ve got teams that would never normally play each other matching up, leading to chances to exploit the line – or get hammered by it. - 01/15/2007
College Football Betting On-line Has It's Advantages
There are many advantages when it comes to college football betting online. - 01/15/2007
The Value of Multiple Sportsbooks
To make money betting on sports, you must do three things: first, find your game; two, look around and get the best value for that game; three, make sure you follow a solid money management system. Most people think of the first and the third. But not enough people “shop” for the best value for their money. - 01/15/2007
NBA Playoff Countdown
The NBA is in its final countdown, as just 10 days remain in the regular season (ends April 19). The Pistons split two games over the weekend and at 62-15 now lead the Spurs (59-18) by three games for the league's best overall record with just five games remaining - 04/11/2006
Seahawks on the Money Line?
Money line bets on the Super Bowl are not always a sure thing but they can pay off better than spread betting when wagering on the dogs. With your typical spread betting (here the spread is Pittsburgh -4), the team you bet on must be able to cover the posted number. In this case if you were to bet on Pittsburgh, they would need to win by 4 1/2 or more points. - 02/03/2006
To Tease or Not to Tease?
Ok, we all know that one guy that loves to play the teasers and for some reason we feel a little left out. We grew up in this business learning not to touch parlays or teasers and that anybody doing so was the tell tell sign of being a novice gambler. One of the generally held misconceptions is that they are sucker bets to be avoided at all costs. - 10/12/2005
New Lines and New Value
Are the Las Vegas Sports Consultants still calling the early lines? Ask most gamblers of yesterday or even today and they will tell you "The lines originate in Las Vegas." - 09/12/2005
Money on the Diamond
Wagering on baseball is a game of percentages which is why so many handicappers don't pay attention to trends, weather, injuries,etc., as much as they focus on the matchup on the diamond that day. - 07/12/2005
Rules of Investing
There are many parallels in sports betting and stock portfolio management. I often find myself crossing over my financial background into my prognostication techniques and wanted to share some of my thoughts. - 03/22/2005
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