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March Madness
March Madness fever is in the air and with the excitement comes the anticipation of big upsets and big money. - 02/16/2005
Super Bowl XXXIX
This is it – the final two weeks of the football season. The Eagles are champions of the NFC, while the Patriots come out of the AFC looking to defend their Super Bowl title. - 01/25/2005
Inside the NFL Playoff Odds
Pro football is down to its version of the Final Four, and the early lines and totals are already released. Shortly after both games were set for Sunday, the Las Vegas Sports Consultants lines were posted in about 90 percent of Nevada’s casinos. - 01/17/2005
NBA Betting Odds
With key injuries and suspensions in the the NBA, the oddsmakers often find themselves scrambling. Almost the half way point in the NBA regular season and there is more excitement surrounding players and their antics (Ron Artest surely comes to mind) than there is on the teams themselves, thus making for some interesting NBA basketball betting odds adjustments. - 01/07/2005
Money Management 101
In many respects, money management in handicapping is just as important as being able to pick winners. That's because if you have poor money management, you can put yourself in the terrible position of picking more winners than losers and still losing money! That should be unacceptable to you. In fact, you should endeavor to do exactly the opposite with your money management practices. Here are some essential money management reminders. - 12/15/2004
Early Basketball Line Moves
The college basketball season opened last night with eight games on the betting rotation. The first couple months are always a nervous time for oddsmakers who are still focusing on football, but must also provide accurate numbers on over 250 college basketball teams. Sharp bettors often have an edge early in the season and this was evident last night. - 11/12/2004
Betting NFL Money Lines
While seasoned gamblers understand the money-line, many sports bettors are not familiar with this betting option and the huge potential benefits associated with utilizing it. This article will describe the money-line and how it can be used to risk a little and win a lot in the NFL. - 11/07/2004
Should you buy a 1/2 point?
Football wagering is best when one can manipulate betting in such a way to gain better value, almost like deciding on various terms for a home mortgage. There are several options available at your disposal and professional gamblers always look to buy a half point. - 11/03/2004
Inside Injury Reports
This week Red Hansen interviews Tony Sinisi, odds director for Las Vegas Sports Consultants, about the importance of injuries in college and pro football in regards to setting the betting lines. LVSC is the only licensed odds service in Nevada and it is responsible for providing odds, injury and weather information to most of the sports books in the state. With millions of dollars at stake each and every weekend of the football season, the company must know every detail regarding injury developments and these oddsmakers must, in turn, apply the right price to the line when a key player is out. - 10/06/2004
Finding Value in the NFL
Betting on NFL or any other games for that matter really is no different than a coin toss. Your chances will always be 50/50. The key is having an edge, and understanding the meaning behind an NFL betting line helps provide a much needed edge. - 09/22/2004
NFL Trouble Spots
It's not too early to identify potential "trouble" spots in the NFL. Each season, there are several situations that threaten to spin out of control right after the opening bell. Though some of those squads will pull themselves out of their lurches, others don't, and it's not uncommon to see extended losing streaks against the spread in the early stages of a campaign. - 09/09/2004
MLB Season Preview
Now that College Basketball is done for the 2003-04 campaign, it’s finally time to turn our attention to other sports. The Major League Baseball season kicks off Sunday night in Baltimore, and those of you that have followed us in the past know that we usually get off to very good starts in the month of April. - 03/24/2004
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