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AFC Playoffs: Texans vs. Ravens

The Houston Texans must feel the slightest bit cursed. After losing their starting quarterback Matt Schaub just over halfway through the season, they bounced back with two wins from rookie quarterback TJ Yates. Then they lost three in a row to end the season.

- 01/13/2012
What the end of the NBA lockout means

The NBA players union fractured and basically decertified. David Stern looked as if he had lost control of the majority of his owners and was putting his legacy and the health of his league in jeopardy.

- 11/28/2011
Thanksgiving NFL Special
Thanksgiving. A time when families get together to reminisce, eat, give thanks and watch some football. For the Harbaugh family, it is a time to fight tooth and nail for a victory, not the last turkey leg.  - 11/23/2011
2008 US Open

Let's get one thing clear from the start. Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer who ever played the game. His passion, work ethic, natural talent, athleticism

- 11/21/2011
Cheese Head Decision
The math just doesn't add up with new Green Bay HC hire Mike McCarthy. As offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers last year, Mike McCarthy's offense finished 32nd and dead last in the NFL. How bad was it ??? That offense finished 32nd in passing, 22nd in rushing, and was 30th overal in points going eight games of a sixteen game schedule without an offensive touchdown. - 11/21/2011
Cotton Bowl Prediction
The great thing about the BCS and all of its arguments and controversies is that is provides excellent subplots to some of the other games, and in no other is there a "well we beat such and such" angle as there is to this year's Cotton Bowl. The Texas Longhorns, by most accounts, have a pretty good argument for being in the title game. - 11/21/2011
Two out of Three Ain't Bad
Poker is EXACTLY like sports handicapping. Every situation has a statistical probability of success and every reward is gained through risk. Whenever the probability is greater than risk then you have a play. When the risk is greater than the probability then you don't. It's that simple. Losses are a simple, unpleasant but necessary step in the winning process. - 11/21/2011
Cowboys vs. Eagles
The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles meet Sunday night, with the Cowboys having a chance to put some space in between them and the Eagles. If the Eagles lose, their season in the competitive NFC East may just be over. - 10/30/2011
Game of the week: Hogs vs. Aggies
Just days after announcing they were definitely leaving the Big 12 and heading east to the biggest, baddest conference in the land, the Aggies will get a chance to test their mettle against a future conference rival. - 09/30/2011
Cowboys Redskins Monday Night
For a long time people have questioned Tony Romo's heart and nerves. Now they've got to worry about another body part -- his lungs. The Cowboys quarterback went down near the end of the first half last week. - 09/26/2011
Notre Dame vs. Michigan St
The Irish finished last year like a team on a mission. They looked strong on defense against the Trojans and Hurricanes and it was assumed Chip Kelly would have Dayne Crist ready to lead the team this season. - 09/19/2011
2011 College Football Top 10
Heading into this week's action, we take a look at our top 10 college football teams. Naturally, all of this will change very soon, as we find out who are the pretenders and who are the real contenders this year. - 09/02/2011
Biggest Loser: Houston Astros
Every year we sit down and take a look at the winners and losers coming out of the trade deadline. While we can spend a sentence or two on the biggest winners and one of the bigger losers, we're gonna reserve most of this space for The Biggest Loser, and I don't mean some 400 lb. secretary on an NBC show. - 08/02/2011
Here comes the NBA lockout
Say what you want about players’ rep Billy Hunter, but the man has been an effective manager of players’ interests over the past 15 years. Sure, they have to wear suits to games when they are not playing. And players now have to go to college for a year - 06/30/2011
MLB Needs Realignment
In the not-too-distant future Bud Selig will be gone. Say what you will about the crotchety old guy who panders to owners, but he does have as his legacy an expanded playoff format that made baseball more exciting and made World Series Champions out of Wild Card winners. - 06/22/2011
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